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Medical Technology

Today I realize

I have two fake hips,

glasses for my eyes,

implants in my mouth,

hearing aids to hear her sighs,

meds for restless leg,

blood pressure, and high cholesterol,

and at times I use a walker to avoid a fall.

I take Q-var for my wheezing

and I use a CPAP for nighttime breathing.


 In 2010 I had a thyroidectomy– Cancer!

It scared the hell out of me.

Nine hours under the knife

and pills, pills, pills…

for the rest of my life.

To kill the cancer I took iodine.

It’s amazing– body irradiation

and I’m feeling fine.


 Doctors made me what I am–

a new age semi-bionic man.

I’d love to be swifter, smarter,

or stronger…

but I’d settle to live just a little bit longer.

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