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"Blended Family" -a recipe

With milkshake smoothness

the words slide off your tongue...

another fruit smoothie term

designed to soften the chaos of life

like warm biscuit butter.

So easily

you take a handful

of radically different youth of volatile temperaments

and quickly join them together

in a harmonious

daily interchange of lives...

of views...

of styles...

of personal preference and taste.

Sprinkle in two vastly different parents

with past lives tightly interwined

around their particular offspring.

Make sure each parent

has significantly different views and styles,

past marital experiences, and cumbersome

connection/relationship with exes.

Add "new family" shared experience

and knead until thickening

into a single, cohesive unit.

Then smooth out bumps & rough spots

with regular "family meetings",



and enjoy.

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