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The Gift

She held him close, smiling.

as they danced together.

She–the older sister who loved and worried and cared…

He–the little brother, in trouble, lots of fun, who always dared.

She asked him to come and dance with her…

to celebrate her 65th year.

He came despite his cancer and the fear he might not last the year.

He brought his family with him, all that way,

because it was the only way to share her day.

He gave to her the gift of that one dance.

She gave to him a pleasant memory,

and the chance for that one night

to escape the battle and the pain of his futile fight.

As they danced together everyone stopped and stared,

marveling at the chance to see the love these two shared.

Her blue eyes sparkled, and his twinkled right back,

as together they shared memories from way, way back.

She had her gift: the chance for just that one more dance.

But she had given something, too–that night for him to leave his bed

to let the music, love and family through…

and for all of us who were there that night

who had witnessed a part of his heroic fight,

when we pause to honor this lovable guy…

it’s that dance that we’ll all remember him by.

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